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1. What are the “C’est Bizarre Comme Toi” labels?
The labels, three in number, are there to guide you:
          - the “Classic Label”: are destined to be reproduced and to accompany the brand throughout its development. They are timeless and make up the major pieces of CBCT!
          - The “Unique Label” as the name indicates are one-off pieces never to be reproduced.
          - The “Black label” products, which form a part of this label, are those that have been created using superior materials. The higher cost of these materials is reflected in the price.
If so desired, the boutique offers you the possibility to visualise their products based on this referencing. 
In any case, each product shall be stamped showing which of the three labels it belongs to.
2. Is the jewellery “C’est Bizarre Comme Toi” available for sale elsewhere than online?
Absolutely, “C’est Bizarre Comme Toi” (CBCT) is constantly looking at ways to expand its network of distributors. You will find, on the contact page, under the heading “Points of sales” the addresses of our partners.
In order to ensure the development of the brand, CBCT also takes parts in trade fairs. In order to find out more about our agenda we invite you to visit our Facebook page or take a look on our “Contact” page under “NEXT EVENT !”.
3. Do you provide Express delivery?
Unfortunately this option is not available. However CBCT prepares orders each day and ships them out as is possible.
As an example, a package destined for metropolitan France, once deposited at the post office will generally be delivered the following day. A package destined for Europe, once posted, will generally be delivered between 3 to 4 working days after.
4. The product I would like is no longer visible. How will I know when it is available again?
Unfortunately, if the product is no longer visible, it is no longer on sale.
If it concerns a product from the “Unique” label, it will not be reproduced as this is the essence behind the “Unique” label.
If it concerns a product from the “Classic” or “Black” labels you can make your request via the “Contact” page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
5. What should I do if my jewellery is defective, in the case where it breaks without particular incident and within normal usage?
CBCT guarantees that products are in perfect condition when packaged. In addition we invite you to verify its state on arrival.
However, if within 30 days after reception, a design fault appears do not hesitate to contact us via the sites “Contact” page. Any defect in a product which has appeared, according to CBCT, due to deterioration, modification, an attempt to repair, neglect, incorrect use or an accident will not refunded or repaired without payment.
6. Is it possible to have a piece of jewellery repaired in the case of an “accident”?
You can contact us via the “Contact” page detailing the exact nature of the deterioration. CBCT will respond as soon as possible by sending you, where possible, a provisional quote.
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